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Grace System Technology Labs

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Founded in year 2001, GRACELABS is a leading-edge technology firm offering development/consulting services in the areas of Device Drivers, Protocol Stacks, Operating System / Embedded Operating System software. We also provide Application development and testing services in related areas.

We enable our clients to respond to dynamic market conditions and build their business competitiveness by offering top quality technology services/ solutions. Our clients have reiterated their trust in our capabilities by offering us repeat business.

Being highly focused on Device drivers/Protocols/Embedded systems, we have the requisite technical expertise to add value to the customer products. Every engineer is made to undergo thorough hands on training spanning 5 to 6 months. We believe it is this focus on expertise building that sets us apart from others. Many of our customers have confirmed this.

The stream lined training process and internal resource pool makes it easy for us to build quality teams for our customers in relatively short time with minimal ramp up time.

We have built a culture where quality is a way of life and everyone who joins becomes a part of it automatically. A lot of attention is being given to adherence to the process in spirit.

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